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  • No Excess Bag Charges
  • Avoid Queing at Check in
  • No Baggage Reclaim Wait
  • Door to Door Operation
  • Friendly and Personal Luggage Delivery Service

Customer Comments

This luggage delivery service is better then sliced bread! Will I use it again - YES!!! Every trip from now on; I will use this firm to collect my luggage from home; and to transfer it to where ever I will be staying. They are brilliant - they get the job down - no stress! I intend to tell all I know; and to post it online - for those I don't know - to know and to use!
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Luggage Delivery Services with Direct Baggage!

Luggage Delivery for Cruise Ships

Baggage Delivery Door to Door

Turn up for your flight, train or cruise without luggage.

Let us take the hard work out of travelling and allow you a walk on walk off service. All you do is pack and unpack we do the rest, leaving you free to enjoy your trip.


Never be asked to pay the airline unexpected excess luggage charges

Airlines are charging you to carry your baggage on their plane and that is on top of the air fare. They usually charge around £8 - £15 per kilo over your allowed weight and this is after you have struggled getting it to them. So £80 - £150 for just 10 kilos over seems excessive when all they do is press the button on the baggage conveyor.

For a similar price we at Direct Baggage send you the paperwork which you give to the driver, we then ship it out to your destination so it arrives before you do.

Avoid queuing for check-in or baggage reclaim

Why wait at the check-in and baggage carousel when you don't have to

Have your luggage delivered at your hotel and not someone else's

Millions of bags are lost or misdirected by Airlines each year, so why take the chance. Why not use our service and make sure they arrive at your destination and not someone else's

  • Door to door luggage delivery service
  • Book your baggage delivery now
  • Lost luggage reclaimation service