Customer Comments

  • Congratulations Direct Baggage and especially for the personal attention - Margaret Holding!

    I discovered your service online prior to a 16 day tour of Scotland. My biggest stress of any trip; is my worry about a place on the train for my luggage; and transferring it between train; and then to hotel. This service is better then sliced bread! Will I use it again - YES!!! Every trip from now on; I will use this firm to collect my luggage from home; and to transfer it to where ever I will be staying. They are brilliant - they get the job down - no stress! I intend to tell all I know; and to post it online - for those I don't know - to know and to use!

    I have three trips coming this autumn; and YES; they will be the first I contact after travel and hotel arrangements are made! This company is a 'god send' - use them in confidence as they are good at what they do.

    Kind Regards - Lady Brighid J NicPheadaran

  • I am not sure if this will reach the very helpful chap I spoke to last Sunday evening but I just wanted to let you know how DELIGHTED I was with the service received from yourselves in getting my daughter's forgotten bag down to her at boarding school, 450 miles from home. It was a pleasant surprise to have my phone call answered on a Sunday evening in a bit of a panic, and even more impressive to find the bag collected during my day at work on Monday and delivered by lunchtime on Tuesday. All for an extremely reasonable price! With my business head on I am guessing that there is not much margin in each job for you but with service like this I shall be more than pleased to recommend you and wish you every success in what you are doing.

    Thanks so much again, this was a real lifesaver for a teenager with exams next week and all her revision notes in her suitcase!

    Bridget Smith

  • I have used Direct Baggage twice in the past year and can recommend their excellent, efficient, professional luggage courier service without hesitation.

    After losing my luggage several times over the years when flying off on holiday, I decided that in future I would prefer a flight without the worry of not seeing my suitcase on the carousel on arrival.

    This summer I booked a Silversea cruise with my partner and my parents for a special family anniversary holiday. Flying from Edinburgh via Heathrow Terminal 5 to Barcelona, I particularly wanted to ensure we had our luggage safely with us: while lost luggage can be delivered to your hotel after a day or two once it's been hopefully traced, it's not so easy after the ship sails. !

    On the quick, easy, user-friendly Direct Baggage website, I filled in the booking form and made payment for four suitcases to be collected from an Edinburgh address to be couriered to our hotel in Barcelona where we were staying the night before the cruise. About ten days before departure, I received the confirmation of the courier service including estimated pick up time on the allocated date. I also received by post, luggage tracking tag labels to be given to the courier. Whilst Direct Baggage suggested that 24 hours was a suitable delivery time from Edinburgh to Barcelona, I opted for two days to avoid any problems.

    The luggage was collected promptly on the Monday afternoon and I was quickly emailed the Fedex Master tracking numbers so that I could follow the journey of the four suitcases. They travelled by van, were transferred between two flights and on to another van to reach the Arts Hotel, Barcelona by 9.30am, the following morning, an amazing 19 hours door to door. I received an email to say Consignment Delivered and the Hotel Concierge kindly emailed to say the luggage was safely in storage until our arrival the next day.

    We set off to the airport with hand luggage only, transferring through Heathrow, without worrying that our suitcases had not been transferred to the next flight. This was a smooth, stressfree, carefree journey, arriving at Barcelona airport by-passing Baggage reclaim and straight to a waiting car. And there at the hotel were our four suitcases, already delivered to our bedrooms.

    Whether you are flying for business or leisure, for a weekend or a fortnight's holiday, I can definitely recommend using Direct Baggage to save the hassle of checking in luggage, waiting for it on the carousel, and avoid the stress and problems of a lost suitcase. The great value courier price is worth the luxury of a carefree journey and will add to the enjoyment of your holiday.

    Next time, book your personal "Baggage Butler", and you can set off to the airport knowing that your luggage is already safely there waiting at your hotel. What a fabulous way to start your holiday!"

    Vivien Devlin
    International Travel Writer

  • I have used Direct Baggage twice now and would not hesitate to use them again, and more importantly I would recommend them to anyone.

    Jim is very good and calm, he assured me that my luggage will reach there in time, and be picked up for it's return. I had telephoned other companies for a quote and found direct baggage to be fairly priced.

    V.Bilgrami (London)

  • I'm impressed!

    Suitcases arrived in Nice at 9.31 this morning. What a great system.

    Thanks again.
    Derek Atkinson.
    Canford Audio PLC