Your Tag Lost Luggage Recovery

YourTag Every year Airlines around the world lose millions of bags and cases, most of these get reunited with the owner eventually but some unfortunately do not. These are auctioned at ridiculous prices and the owner never receives the value for the contents. Property is stolen and recovered but never returned to the owner.

At Direct Baggage we aim to eliminate lost luggage and make the recovery of your possessions simpler and less stressful.

If your property gets lost the YourTag number will be visible along with our contact details for the finder to contact us.

Once the finder contacts us we then complete a found property report and contact you.

If requested we will forward your property onto you.

YourTag registration is per customer and not per case. It can be used as many times as required and on any item during the registration period.

YourTags can be used on

• Luggage
• Household items
• Electronic equipment

In fact any item you want back if lost.

YourTags are free to Direct Baggage customers or get
1 month for £1
12 months for £10

  YourTag Delivery Duration Price  
  YourTag Luggage
With Luggage Delivery
For the entirety of your journey FREE Click here to book your bags
  YourTag No Luggage
Without Luggage Delivery
For one month £1
  YourTag No Luggage
Without Luggage Delivery
For 12 months £10